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#1. During his days as a trainee, Sehun did not have many friends, Luhan is the first real friend he can get in the company. 
#2. Sehun belongs to the group’s “blink” group, which is used to bully hyungs. But only Luhan can withstand him, he will not be angry or scolded Hun. He just laughed and continued to cherish this little brother. 
# 3 They were born four years apart, but they said it was not important. Because they are really close and close. 
# 4 Whenever Luhan nibbled his chin, Sehun would be happy and Sehun’s chin would only allow Luhan to be touched.



Others do not


# 5. When Sehun is only about as high as Luhan, he likes to play Hun’s hair, but when Hun grows older, he likes to hug his chin more. 
# 6 Luhan said: Sehun is really like a kid when he first met him. But after closer to each other, Sehun makes others feel like he wants to protect when he’s with him. 
# 7 Sehun would always make a binge to Luhan to buy milk tea with him. 
#8. [130814] In the Weekly Idols, Luhan said that Sehun often does not know big and small, often calls him son. Then, Sehun grabs Luhan’s neck, raises his ear and says “Good night, son” 
. Sehun likes Luhan’s caring for him. 
#ten. Sehun and Luhan each have their own treatment.
# 11. Sehun often looks at Luhan with other eyes when he sees his close friends, so he often gets intimate with Luhan in front of his hyungs. 


#12. When Luhan makes aegyo (the really cute type), Sehun is almost in shape. 
# 13. HunHan is a couple in EXO. ChanYeol, BaekHyun, Kai, Suho and DO are quite excited about this. 
# 14. HunHan also has a cold war! But never too long. 
# 15. Like other members, Sehun did not dare sit or climb Luhan’s bed. 
# 16. At the Fansign Wolf concert, a fan said to Sehun, “Luhan is mine.” Sehun immediately replied to her, “Really, this morning we brush our teeth together” 
# 17. Sehun simply attached her to Luhan.

# 18. Sehun often looks at Luhan when he does not notice. But when Luhan looked back, he would turn his eyes away so he did not know.


And of course Luhan is similar …


Then each of them sent birthday wishes to Luhan. When it was Sehun’s turn, the members shouted “Hunhan, Hunhan, Hunhan!” Sehun said, “To be honest, the most Luhan hyung among the members is not me?”, Then Sehun smiled. He said that Luhan is really a good hyung and he wished him a happy birthday. 
# 20 Both Sehun and Luhan want to be praised handsome rather than cute. 
# 21. Sehun likes to look at Luhan when he smiles, it makes him feel warm. 
# 22. Whenever Sehun was sad or unhappy, Luhan would brush his chin and make him happy. 
# 23. Sehun said that he was really attracted to Luhan.
# 24. Sehun thinks that Luhan is cute, but he always shows his masculinity. 
# 25. [120815 FANACC] When Sehun and Luhan returned to SM for the second time in a day, Sehun rushed to the door while Luhan was still walking behind him. Sehun knocked on the door and waited for Luhan, waiting for him to come in before he entered. 
# 26 Luhan loves to watch stars. Before debut, Luhan sometimes leads Sehun to the stars. 
# 27. If everyone saw the MV “What Is Love?” EXO-K will realize that, when DO sang “I Do not Know Why, 절대적인 이 감정” (I do not understand why, this uncontrollable emotion), the MV moves from DO is soloing to HunHan.

Exactly when DO sang “절대적인 이 감정” (The Uncontrollable Emotion), the MV shifted to the scene where Sehun and Luhan were sitting together. [1:48] 
# 28. Sehun loves Luhan’s eyes but never dares to look too long because of embarrassment.


# 29. Once upon a time, Luhan taught Yixing to play rubik and abandon Sehun for a while. After that, Sehun hides all the rubik blocks so Luhan can not teach Yixing anymore. 
# 30 “I think … Sehun really likes Luhan.” – Suho (EXO)